Keydigital is a boutique web development shop, we create brochure style websites mainly for small to medium business. Our mission is to build you a reliable and presentable website that will go to work as a sales and marketing tool - tirelessly promoting your goods or services online - ultimately providing sufficient return on investment to easily pay for itself.

Keydigital is a budget web development shop, we create low cost brochure style websites mainly for small to medium business. Our mission is to build you a reliable and presentable website that will go to work as a sales and marketing tool - tirelessly promoting your goods or services online - ultimately providing sufficient return on investment to easily pay for itself.

Why choose Keydigital? We are a little different, in that we focus on content and ease of use for your web pages - just like reading a colour brochure. The name of the game is to get your message out in Google TODAY saying who you are and what you do. Modifications and fine tuning can come later, and if you need more, we have plenty of experience with logos, graphic design, search engine optimisation, domain names, product photography, email, catalogues, hosting, forums, e-commerce and online database. Take a look at our portfolio by clicking the images on this page. 

Only Keydigital offers you excellence in business copywriting. We take your draft ideas to create a message that is easily understood by anyone around the English speaking world. We use a direct, business-like style written in plain English, highlighting the features and benefits of your offer. The final copy often includes dozens of keywords specific to your industry, which is critical for search engine optimisation.

How many other website design companies offer you lifetime support? Keydigital is unique in our commitment to keeping an eye on your website into the future, as your business changes and evolves over the long term. Most companies underestimate the importance of maintenance - we'll design your site to be low maintenance from the start, plus we'll be there to modify it in the future for a reasonable hourly rate. With Keydigital on your team, it's a bit like having your own in-house webmaster, but for a fraction of the cost. 

Use plenty of photographs! A picture speaks a thousand words as they say, so round up any existing photos, logos and artwork you may already have. If necessary we will shoot plenty of new photography free of charge. These images can be cropped, resized or manipulated in Photoshop. We use Photoshop all day every day, and will soon spruce up your tired old logo, and fix up any photography to make it presentable to the world. We create unique custom artwork for each and every website to illustrate your story. 

Q: Can I edit the website myself? A: Our advice is that editing your own site is like doing your own dental work - not recommended. Likewise, small business staff usually don't have the time or skills to maintain an effective Content Management System. A better way is whereby you take on the role of 'website producer'. Simply send all your words, photos and design input ideas, and we'll put it together. This frees up your time to focus on your core business. A phone call or email is all it takes to modify your site in the future. 

Get involved! Be prepared to commit your time and effort to collaborate on this project. Your hands on involvement in the project will guide it's progress, and your input will be essential while the site is under construction. Be ready to provide draft copy, logos and images you may already have. Make time to participate in progress meetings. You can submit feedback as your website takes shape live on the web.

Keydigital offers many years of publishing experience backed by the Diploma in Information Technology (Internet Specialisation). Our staff have worked for various purely Internet companies such as ISPs 'OzEmail' and 'Internet Trading Services', and online research house 'APT Strategies' as well as multi-national computer training firm 'Skill Master Computer Learning Center'. Keydigital has created major online surveys, web sites and graphic art that has been featured around the world. Keydigital is passionate about harnessing the power of the web to assist Australian small business, employers, manufacturers and exporters. We have built many pioneering web sites to date, and we manage other big sites too, some with tens of thousands of visitors each month. Keydigital brings both the qualifications and experience needed to project manage your new site. Tip! Only take advice from webmasters who are qualified and experienced. 

Search Engine Optimisation This a process whereby your web pages are modified so as to achieve the best possible rankings in the major search engines. There is no point building the world's most beautiful website if it has no traffic. Each of your pages is fine tuned using page analysis software, industry specific keywords, meta tags, and external links. The pages are then crawled by all the leading directories such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In our experience most page ranking improves over months and years like fine wine - you will notice that most of our sites can easily be found in all the major search engines simply by typing in the company name. We also offer you statistics reporting to track the number of visitors to your site as part of our administration package.   

Who's going to administer my website? In big business they have an IT department. In small business you need to assign that responsibility to an outsourced webmaster. We've seen it happen so many times before; You forget to pay for a domain renewal, or a spike in traffic exceeds your bandwidth - taking your website offline, or you change a phone number and your website suddenly becomes redundant. All of these scenarios are mini disasters, and our advice is that website reliability is more important than almost anything else. All of these problems are solved by taking advantage of our Virtual Webmaster and Administration Pack at a reasonable monthly rate. We automatically manage your website administration for you! It guarantees that your website stays in the Google index. Think of it as something like an insurance policy or an NRMA membership - when things go wrong you have someone to ring 24x7 for support, and we step in to fix things at short notice when you need it most. On top of that we keep your website up to date with small changes and edits as required, and even liaise with your ISP and network administrator if need be. It's really like having a webmaster on your team without the massive payroll cost.  

To get started on your project simply email today for an obligation free quote. Prices start from $250, then $35/month for our Virtual Webmaster and Administration Pack. Send an email if you would like to know more. Warning! Some of our client's websites contain adult content. 

Sydney Australia